Let’s be kind forever

I have two guest bloggers today. My niece Avery and nephew Olin (who are 6) are helping me write this post today. Here is what they have to say.

It’s nice to be nice, so let the world be kind. All around the world, China, Russia, Japan, England, France, United States, Brazil, Egypt, Mexico, and Antartica, let them all be kind. We don’t have to include the North Pole, because Santa is already kind.

I asked them why they should be kind and here is what they had to say. Avery said, “Because it is nice to be kind and it’s helpful and good and healthy.” Olin’s answer was, “It’s nice to be kind because then you get Christmas presents. If you’re mean you go on the BB&G (bad boys & girls) list. So be kind and you’ll get presents.”

The both agreed that if you don’t want to fight anyone then let’s just be kind so there are no fights. If EVERYONE is kind then good things will always happen.

I also asked them what they can do to make the world a kinder place. Avery told me that she will be kind to everybody, even if they aren’t kind to her. Olin said that he will make the world a kinder place by “giving everyone presents”.

Their final thought – let everyone in the world be kind!