About Me

Hi! My name is Wendy Sullivan and I originally started the #imkinderthanthat movement as way to get my nieces and nephew to be nicer to each other. But I realized that I probably needed it as much (if not more) than they did. So, I started using it myself. ALL. THE. TIME. In the car (A LOT), when I was traveling (which is super frustrating), at work (where I am not always the kindest boss), and with my family and friends. What has happened over the past few months is that I have come to four conclusions:

  1. I tend to be very judgmental and easily agitated by people.
  2. Judging other people is easy – NOT judging them is challenging.
  3. Being kind to people makes you feel REALLY good.
  4. Kindness can change the world.

With all of this in mind, I have tried to make MY world a kinder place, and to spread the word to others. When you’re angry, frustrated, or annoyed, it can be difficult to see the “kinder” way, but just take a breath and think to yourself “I’m kinder than that”. It really works!

Check us out at www.imkinderthanthat.com