Kindness Karma

Since starting the #imkinderthanthat movement I have noticed an amazing phenomenon. What I have started to see is that more people are being kind TO ME! Not just people who know me and are aware of the movement, but total strangers. It’s the old ‘what goes around comes around”. Not like in the Justin Timberlake song kind of way, but in a more upbeat do-gooder kind of way. Apparently, kindness really does beget more kindness. What a groundbreaking discovery! OR…perhaps I have just become acutely aware of the kindness being put out into the universe these days? Whatever this incredible trend is, let’s call it “kindness karma”, I will absolutely take it.

I’ve long thought that “karma” was what happens to people who are unkind to you. Payback for being ungrateful or mean. Now I realize that it goes so much deeper than that. There is a whole world where kindness karma exists. These days people are giving me grocery baskets as they walk up to get their own, cars are letting me “sneak in” when I may be trying to get a bit farther ahead in traffic (I know, that isn’t the kindest thing to do, but I am working on it), strangers are giving me compliments…the list goes on and on. Once we put that kindness vibe out there I think that people can sense it and they want to get in on the action.

As far as the people who “know” me go…they are the kindest, most generous people out there. I can’t tell you how incredible it feels when someone tags me in a post about kindness, sends me a touching story about someone being kind, or even sends me a little token in of their appreciation in the mail. It’s overwhelming and humbling that my friends think about ME when they read/see something about kindness. Must be that kindness karma at work.

For everyone who reads this…and really, just anyone – choose kindness whenever you can and spread around to everyone you meet. Kindness karma is a real thing (even though I kind of made it up) and you will see your kindness come back to you in spades.

2 thoughts on “Kindness Karma

  1. Thank you for sending me my adorable tee-shirt! The XL WAS PERFECT!
    I wore it today with pride, as I walked through a beautiful part of Napa Valley, hoping to spread the word!

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