Channeling my Inner Dr. Seuss

I was in the “kids” room in our house (we don’t actually have kids, but my nieces and nephews spend enough time with us that we gave them their own room) the other day and I picked up a Dr. Seuss book. I LOVE Dr. Seuss. I was inspired to write my own Dr. Seuss like poem in honor of the #imkinderthanthat movement! Enjoy!

One day I woke up and I thought to myself

What does the world need more than anything else?

It needs people who want nothing but kindness

Not a nation where groups can be hateful and mindless.

Communities that love with all of their hearts

Children who know where benevolence starts

Charitable souls who believe in gratitude

Not intolerable individuals with bad attitudes

I reflected and pondered about what I could effuse

And came up with a mantra for everybody to use

When you’re angry, annoyed or judgmental and vain

Say “I’m kinder than that” inside of your brain

What it will do is make you take pause

Before you criticize you will consider the cause

You’ll be more considerate and courteous too

Sympathetic, kind hearted…the best version of you

A smile or a compliment could make someone’s day

Your thoughtfulness and care will go a long way

In today’s crazy world this just might save your sanity

It will renew your faith in this thing called humanity

Give it try…come on it’s worth a shot

Let everyone know how much kindness you’ve got

All together now say it without falling flat

As loud as you can…I’m Kinder Than That!

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